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Joan Fiore, Ph.D., Principal



          Leadership is an act, a behavior - not a role. 

                              Leadership requires Conviction, Connection and Courage.

                                            Leadership is a lifelong journey.


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We offer the following services:

·       Executive Leadership Coaching and Development

·       Consulting on:

1.    Change management

2.   Team leadership and team effectiveness

3.   Analysis and intervention in organizational systems

4.   Culture change

·       Breakthrough offsite design and facilitation

·       Course and curriculum design

·       Delivery of the following courses:

1.    Doing Leadership

2.   Leading through Conflict

3.   Leading through Adaptive Challenges

4.   Manager as Coach

5.   HR as Coach

6.   Neuroleadership – the Leader’s Brain and Self-Regulation





Description: Description: Description: 4053colorlr.jpgJOAN FIORE, Ph.D., Principal

Executive Leadership Development Consultant and Coach

Joan Fiore, Ph.D. is an Executive Leadership Coach, Organizational Consultant, and Psychologist.  She has particular expertise in developing individuals’ capacity to confront their leadership challenges and to increase their clarity around strategy, vision, priorities, and execution.  She has extensive experience in coaching senior leaders to:

·        Set direction and strategy,

·        Communicate effectively and powerfully,

·        Identify and manage their ‘hot buttons’ so they can lead less impulsively and most effectively,

·        Leverage and appreciate the energy of conflict  and diversity in their organization and interpersonal relationships,

·        Be mindful and intentional about the culture they want to create, and

·        Inspire others to follow. 


She believes the best leaders are those who can think most broadly, understand the systems of which they are a part, leverage their strengths, and also see and improve upon their own limitations.

She has a unique combination of experiences and education.  As a psychologist, she is well equipped to understand and address people’s core issues and behaviors and enhance their motivation and capacity to become more effective leaders.  With a specialty in Systems Psychology, she has a longstanding interest in and experience with maximizing the effectiveness of small group and team dynamics, as well as that of large corporate organizational systems in the wider landscape of the business environment.  As a person, she is both challenging and supportive in her efforts to promote productive change.

Over the last 34 years, her clients have included executives and senior leadership teams in such companies as Microsoft, Alcoa Aluminum, Molsen Breweries, and Bell South, Foundations such as the Gates Foundation, as well as start-ups and family-owned businesses.

Joan has served as Executive coach for a number of CEO’s and Vice Presidents and their teams of Fortune 100 and 500 firms.  Currently, she serves as consultant to the Gates Foundation Senior Leadership Team and to the CEO.  She frequently coaches and teaches members of High Potential bench programs and their teams, helping to improve their performance and drive great business results.

Joan’s career has also included being an Associate Professorship at the University of Washington, faculty appointments at Emory University, Georgia State University, Seattle University, and The Leadership Institute of Seattle where she served as a Director.

Dr. Fiore received her B.A. (summa cum laude) from Duke University and her Ph.D. from Emory University in 1977.  In addition to coaching and consulting,  she facilitates offsites and offers the ‘Doing Leadership’ learning experience and  the courses – ‘Leading Systems’, ‘Coaching to Develop Others’,  Leading through Conflict’, ‘Neuroleadership – the Leader’s Brain and Self-regulation’ and ‘Leading through Adaptive Challenges’ .